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H E I D I   L E W I S   C O L E M A N


Heidi Lewis Coleman’s artwork reflects an ongoing exploration into the

aesthetics of using language in art. The artist creates mixed media pieces

that incorporate her own stylized abstract writing.

For many years, Coleman developed variations of her abstract languages

which she incorporated into symmetrical designs that were printed on

Asian kozo tissue and applied onto stretched canvas. As her work has

grown and transitioned, the artist is creating mixed media collages,

combining fragments of printed tissue onto painted watercolor paper or

canvas. She still utilizes her abstract languages, but in ways that are often

nearly-hidden and unexpected.

This new approach has allowed Coleman to infuse what she’s learned

about color, symmetry and composition into artwork that is asymmetrical,

less formally designed and more expressive. Though very different, these

two bodies of work relate to and inform one another. This invites viewers

to observe how an artist, after many years of working in one format, can

combine her experience with personal growth to impact and inspire the

ways she currently creates. A viewer can see and understand how an

artist can make important transitions while retaining a vision that runs

throughout all of her artwork.

Coleman studied art at Parsons and the New York School of Design,

where she graduated with highest honors. Her artwork has been included

in several private collections. She is a juried member of the National

Association of Women Artists, the Women’s Caucus for Art and the

Silvermine Guild of Artists. Coleman is an award winning artist who has

exhibited widely in galleries and museums across the country, including

the Mattatuck Museum, the Hammond Museum and the Katonah

Museum of Art.

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